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  1. Talan HRO 300°C SRC shoes Composite toe cup resist 200 joules impact comfort in sock, kevlar midsole - 0% penetration
  2. -64% Kids Single Use Disposable Face Mask Kids Single Use Disposable Face Mask
    This face mask is ideal to protect your mouth and face from dust, haze, allergies, smoke, pollution, gardening and crafts, bringing you a safe breathing experience.
  3. -44% Black Disposable Surgical Face Mask Black Disposable Surgical Face Mask
    Keep your mouth covered and protected from pollution, germs, chemicals, fluids and dust with this pack of 50 plain black disposable face masks.
  4. -36% 3M™ P3R Particulate Filter 3M™ P3R Particulate Filter
    3M 6035 P3R Encapsulated Particulate Filters protect the user against airborne particles such as dusts and powders, as well as minor fumes.
  5. -10% 3M™ Maintenance Free Half Mask Respirator 3M™ Maintenance Free Half Mask Respirator
    3M 4251 Respirator Face Mask is a Protective mask suitable for worker protection against many gases, organic vapors and dangerous combinations of fine dust; no need for maintenance.
  6. Non-residual ingredient for fast, efficient and safe sanitizing without the use of water or towels. Hand Sanitizer effectively eliminates common germs and pathogens that may cause illness. The gel quickly evaporates without leaving a sticky residue.
  7. The mask extender hooks are compatible with most of the ear-mounted masks, this mask band strap help reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time.
  8. -47% Eurosafe Disposable Coveralls Eurosafe Disposable Coveralls
    With a 3- piece gusset and elastic waist, the Eurosafe garment ensures optimal fit with better freedom of movement.
  9. Guaranteed minimum resistance of the protective eyewear against everyday risks including dropping the protective eyewear onto the ground, ageing by light exposure, exposure to heat or corrosion etc.
  10. Enhanced safety due to the high visibility, cut performance and Level 1 thermal protection.

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